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Window Replacement Installer Tips in Louisville KY

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Having a good window is useless when it is badly installed. When you have a window that is not installed right, it may cause lost energy in your house. When there is a loss of energy, your monthly electric bill is affected. So, finding a reputable window installer is very essential.  

You can find many companies who can do the job. But not everyone can get the job perfectly. To avoid such things, you can read some tips below on how to choose a window replacement Louisville KY installer for your house. 

Replacement Installer

Step 1 – Ask for certification 

If you buy on major manufacturers, most of the time they will recommend a professional one to install their products. You can guarantee that they have the training and certificate needed to do the job. Using the recommendation of the manufacturer can avoid any problems in the future. If there will be complaints about the installation of your window, you can find a way to contact the contractor immediately. The place where you buy the window should be willing to help you resolve the issue as a customer.  

Step 2 – Check Some References 

You need to check the comments and ratings of the installer even if he is recommended by the manufacturer. You can research his full name and the company he is working online. You might get some information regarding his certification, how long he is doing the job and proof of insurance for his work. Does the company where it is employed to offer a warranty for his service? On the website of the company, you may find reviews from previous clients. Take time to read some review and find out if the company has experts in window replacement.  

Step 3 – Estimated time to Finish the Installation 

A professional window installer should know how long he will take to finish the job. You can also ask how the process will be done. It is better than the new window is installed immediately after the old one is removed. You don’t want your house open waiting for the new window to arrive. You can watch him work and insist to take a measurement for the new one before he starts removing the old window. You might end up having holes in your house for a couple of days or even weeks.  

Step 4 – Ask Some Questions 

It is okay to ask questions regarding their work. You can ask which brand would be best, the sizes and types to be installed and any features that you can add. You can also ask how will they install the window and to seal them. It is also important to bring up the labor cost. How much will you be paying them? What if there are back jobs, what will happen? Is there a warranty for that? If you want to paint your window, is there additional cost of labor? Make sure also that the new window installed is working before they leave. 


Now you are ready to shop for a new window and get it installed in your house. 

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